Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Keg and Case

Y'all wanna hear about my visit to the new Keg and Case in St. Paul?
Well keep reading if you do :)

Last minute decision hubbie and I went to check out Keg and Case in St. Paul on a snowy winter Saturday.
Keg and Case is an indoor market.  I would say it's mostly food.
Start to finish, parking lot pretty small, but lots of parking in the area.
We decided to just to a quick walk through check out everything then go back and make our stops of we wanted to purchase something.
I was thinking it was going to be larger, but not disappointed.
There are many shops on the main level and an upstairs that you can chill out, have a drink or get your grub on.
Most shops are food related, plenty of places to eat.
We picked up a cup of meat (mild) from a German meat shop called K'nack, walked around munching on that.  Lots of people stopped and asked where we got it.

Everyone working there that we spoke to were very friendly & knowledgeable about their products.
If you know me I have a huge love for cheese, so of course we had to stop at a cheese shop.  Gatza, has a great variety of cheeses.

At the time I did not realize that kiddy corner from the cheese shop is a little cheese bistro, owned by the same company, there you can sit down and sample the cheese, with a drink if you'd like.  Then go purchase what you liked.
There is a second level, a brewery and tons of cute seating areas.  You don't have to be drinking beer to sit up there.

Some things that caught my eye was a beautiful restaurant called In Bloom, very stunning.  All foods are cooked over a wood fire. And I believe all wild game don't hold me to that though :)

Also there is a really neat shop where they grow mushrooms on the spot, Forest to Fork.

And of course, the infamous Revival.  I believe they have 3 locations now.
There is a fun little gourmet cotton candy store, the kiddies will love that one!

I think this would be a great place to bring your out of town guests, have a date or just to get out of the house when your feeling the winter blues.
Excited to go back and check out more shops!


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